Interested in purchasing Paris real estate?

  • Glenn M. Cooper and his Paris apartment search service will help you acquire the perfect Paris apartment.

After a number of years of purchasing apartments in Paris for his own rental business and for clients who have used his services to locate their own Paris apartments, Glenn has built up a solid network of contacts in all aspects of the Paris real estate market which expertise will make your search for a Paris apartment easy to achieve.

We do not sell property but focus on behalf of buyers to find the best Paris apartments to suit their needs. We have access to all types of Paris apartments; family and luxury apartments, Paris pied-à-terres and investment properties... We have helped a number of satisfied clients to find and purchase their ideal Paris apartments.

  • Glenn will quickly target Paris apartments that match your specific needs - you will save time by only visiting apartments that correspond to your own specific criteria, without having to spend days and weeks visiting apartments that don't correspond to what you're looking for.
  • Glenn's experience and personal contacts will enable you to visit apartments before they are even in the real estate agencies' listings.
  • We are aware of what real estate sells for in Paris and have a great deal of experience negotiating with sellers to ensure that the price you will pay for your apartment is reasonable and in line with current fair market value for Paris real estate.

Together with our network of trusted partners, we will guide you smoothly through the purchase process. Glenn will provide you with contacts you will need to handle the legal, financial and insurance aspects of the transaction. Of course, workers and trades people are also available for your renovation work if needed as well. Glenn Cooper and his Paris apartment services will assist you from A to Z in order to make your Paris real estate acquisition as efficient and stress-free as possible.

Glenn M. Cooper, Paris Apartment Search

In France:
Glenn Cooper
274 rue Saint Honore
75001 Paris
In the US:
Glenn Cooper
160 Brookville Lane
Old Brookville NY 11545

Telephone (US): +1 516 977 3318

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