John and Gail Squires, Boulder, Colorado

There is no such thing as the perfect apartment in Paris, yet in the one week we spent with Glenn we were able to find the next best thing. Paris apartments are full of compromises, relying on Glenn's fifteen years of experience in owning, buying and selling apartments to guide us we avoided the non obvious pitfalls of selecting an apartment in Paris. Probably the most impressive outcome of working with Glenn, was seven days after arriving in Paris, we left Paris with a signed promise to buy contract due to Glenn's knowledge and contacts in the notary process of France. Glenn very competently served as our translator and we had full confidence in his representing our concerns. We have been in our apartment two years, Glenn guided us in choosing the area that most suited our interest, and we have not been disappointed with our apartment or neighborhood. Glenn made what is a daunting process — purchasing an apartment in Paris — a very manageable experience. We enjoyed getting to know Glenn; he is easy and fun to work with. We feel that Glenn not only saved us money, but he saved us potential frustration and disappointment, we are very pleased with our apartment and we thank Glenn for making it happen.

Jean Christophe Federici, Paris

I have known Glenn Cooper for many years and when he mentioned to me his work in the Paris Apartment search field, I was immediately interested. I had been renting my apartment for 10 years and absolutely had no time to look for my own place to buy. Even though I am Parisian, the task is time consuming, nerve-wracking and real estate agents waste your time showing you terrible places. I had given up.

When I discussed with Glenn the neighborhood I liked, the type of apartment I was looking for and my budget, he assured me that we would be able to find something suitable. I wasn't in a rush, but he got started on it immediately, and within a few days he had found the apartment that I purchased. Coincidentally, it is right next to my office which is a dream come true, and located in a very beautiful building. The apartment was in rough shape so he introduced me to his trustworthy workmen who handled the entire renovation process for a reasonable price. It was all handled professionally and I soon ended up with a perfect apartment. Glenn doesn't waste time and gets things done very efficiently. He is one of a kind.

Eric Wahlgren, San Francisco, California

We were worried when we first thought about renovating our Paris apartment because we weren't going to be around to supervise the work. We had heard so many nightmare stories about unreliable contractors and the other problems that come up. We were very lucky to find Glenn, who was able to oversee the work for us. Glenn sent us regular, detailed reports updating us on every step of the renovation. When something went wrong — as things inevitably do with this kind of work — Glenn was there to follow up with the workers and make sure the problem was fixed. Having Glenn on the ground gave us peace of mind knowing the renovation work was being done as we had discussed with our contractor. Glenn goes the extra mile. One example: he dealt with the hassle of exchanging a television that had been damaged while furnishing the remodeled apartment. Another big bonus? Glenn has overseen the renovation of his own apartments in Paris so he was able to give us plenty of ideas of ways we could do to make our apartment look great without having to spend a lot of money.

Elizabeth Lundvall

Glenn Cooper’s company paris-aparts.com was solely responsible for my husband and I to finally realize a life long dream of owning an apartment in Paris. With Glenn's years of experience and knowledge of the real estate market in Paris, he was able to assist us in finding the best value and location that meet with all of our needs and desires for our property ownership.

Glenn was able to walk us through every process need, dealing with estate agents, notaries and banks to secure our purchase. And this was only the beginning of what his company did.

The apartment we bought was what one might call a "diamond in the ruff!" It is in a wonderful central location in a lovely building but had not been brought up to current standards, ( such as a bathroom with a shower). This was a project that was a total gutting and rebuild. With Glenn’s assistance we were able to make a "pit" into a viable investment to be proud of. He helped us with everything from buy appliances to choosing tile for the floor, bathroom and kitchen.

We found that all of his advice was right on! From what kind of appliances to buy, to what standard of furniture was needed to make this property into a rentable apartment for tourists to Paris.

We have been very happy as well with www.rentals-paris.com (the rental company that handles our rentals). They have handled our apartment and guests with the utmost professionalism and kindness. The most important thing with all if this is we feel that we were and still are in good hands with Glenn Cooper!

Glenn M. Cooper, Paris Apartment Search

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